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Friday , August 23

No Aadhar No Property, Jail for Benami Property Holders

PM Modi has recently has decided to bring down the Benami Property Holders and to make their life hell, Modi Government will soon make quoting of Aadhar mandatory for all property transactions. It s first time some one has come out in the open about it.

Modi government’s efforts is to weed out black money from the reality sector while eradicating Benami transactions. Linking Aadhar to the property transaction is a great idea, as we are already linking Aadhar to Bank Accounts etc. We can take some additional steps for property market. Union Minister also said that One of the way to do this is to link Aadhar with property purchase and sale. Absolutely thats the ways its heading anyways. I have no doubt that it will happen.

Hardeep Puri gave a clear hint that large value property transactions are on radar. “There is no economy in the world that is entirely cashless. People do not feel the need of carrying that have stable system. Thats the way we are heading the minister said.

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