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Friday , August 23

All You Need to Know About Operation Clean Money

Operation Clean Money Mission

The objective of Operation Clean Money is to create a tax compliant society through a fair, transparent and non-intrusive tax administration where every Indian takes pride in paying taxes

Operation Clean Money Strategy

  • Increase awareness about tax obligations using a comprehensive Information, Education and Communication (IEC) approach
  • Promote voluntary compliance by e-delivery of services and reducing taxpayer compliance costs
  • Collect timely and accurate third-party information from Reporting Entities
  • Increase collaboration and data exchange with government agencies and data exchange partners
  • Effective identification, assessment and management of risks by leveraging technology and data analytics
  • Encourage timely and accurate reporting of income in returns and payment of taxes using customised communication and compliance monitoring
  • Transform verification and investigation function of the Department by leveraging analytical and collaborative technologies
  • Effective deterrence for habitual offenders to deter serious and repeated non-compliance
  • Develop strong partnerships with the tax professionals, industry associations and service providers to create a sustainable compliance environment
  • Evaluate feedback, events and results for continuous learning and improvement

Clean Money Analysis

The section publishes insights and reports based on Data Analytics activities undertaken by ITD on financial information received from various government agencies and financial institutions.

Thematic Reports

Thematic Report 1 – Taxpayer Segment Analysis
OCM Status Report – 16 May 2017


Income Tax Department (ITD) intends to leverage technology and data analytics for effective utilization of demonetisation data i.e. transactions related to cash deposits during 9th Nov to 30th Dec 2016. Therefore online verification has been enabled on the e-filing portal (for taxpayers) which will be synchronised with the internal verification portal of ITD.

Email and SMS are being sent to the taxpayers informing that information has been received in the case and response may be submitted on the e-filing portal. In cases where the response is not received from taxpayers within a reasonable time, other proceedings and enforcement actions shall be considered by the department.

How to E-Verify



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